Friday, October 1, 2010

Medusa’s Wreath
Things needed:
·         Wooden wreath
·         Black spray paint
·         Plastic snakes
·         Black acrylic paint
·         Bird or other decoration (optional)

1.       Spray paint wooden wreath. Allow to dry.
2.       Paint both sides of the snake with black paint. Allow to dry.
3.       Weave snakes into the wreath. Can hot glue if desired.
4.       Other decoration. (if desired)
5.       String and hang wreath

Step 6
Step 7



  1. very nice, easy, simple stuffs that the "real men" can do to impress women, rofl...keep it up

  2. Nice. This would work well for a Halloween ornamentation type thingy

  3. That's so badass, and Im one hell of a greek myth fanatic, this is very creative.

  4. Just started following you. This is actually a pretty nice little blog. Keep it going! Will have to check out the dollar store to see if they have some of these supplies. this looks like a fun little decoration to do.